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E-Commerce Solutions

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So you want to

sell stuff on the internet, let us work that out for you.

Putting together an e-commerce website can be complex and that's why you need us on your site. The forte of NetFillip lies in translating business needs into effective e-commerce. Our talented team of e-commerce experts specialize in creating beautiful e-commerce solutions. From your payment gateway integration needs, to the user experience of the shopping cart, we make sure your site makes a great first impression on potential buyers.

E stands for electronic, but at NetFillip E stands for “Easy”

We bring virtual retail to life for our clients, delivering sophisticated e-commerce experiences for customers. Our e-commerce solutions will help your online business grow, whether you are looking to migrate from other system or are starting from scratch.

  • Hit the ground running with our e-commerce solutions:

  • Lower Cost

  • Product comparisons

  • Enable deals, bargains, coupons, and group buying

  • Payment gateway integration

  • Mass uploading of inventory

  • Managed digital inventory

  • Social media integration

  • Custom shopping cart

  • Invoicing and consignments

  • Multi-currency support

  • Order tracking

  • Universal standards

  • Custom design

  • Full security, encryption and more


WooCommerce is a powerful open source WordPress plugin. It offers a variety of extensions that enhance your site functionality making it more shopper-friendly. WooCommerce is developed to help you monitor your e-commerce store right from the WordPress Dashboard. To know about our custom shopping cart migration to WooCommerce services, click here.

Work we do with WooCommerce:

  • Create an e-commerce store
  • Customize WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce theme development and customization
  • WooCommerce Migration Solution
  • Custom API integration with WooCommerce
  • Custom WooCommerce extension or add-on
  • Advanced filters and search solution for WooCommerce
  • Payment gateway integration for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce support and maintenance


OpenCart is a powerful open source PHP based shopping cart system. OpenCart provides cost-effective e-commerce solutions that are easy to use, secure, reliable and robust.

Work we do with OpenCart:

  • Develop and integrate custom OpenCart theme for your e-commerce store
  • Alter default OpenCart modules as per your needs
  • Develop OpenCart extensions for your requirements
  • Third party extensions and API integration for OpenCart
  • Test your store stress capacity
  • Decrease loading time of your store through optimization
  • Make your OpenCart store SEO friendly
  • OpenCart payment gateway solutions
  • OpenCart support and maintenance

Custom Solutions

Laravel is a powerful PHP framework that helps develop laudable custom ecommerce applications which deliver accurate functional flow to your business processes that perfectly fits in with your explicit requirements. To know more about our Laravel ecommerce web application solutions, click here.

Work we do with Laravel:

  • Develop and integrate custom Laravel theme using Blade templates
  • Third party extensions and API integration with Laravel web application
  • CMS management using Laravel
  • Add functionality to the application using Laravel Package Development
  • Advanced search options with Laravel Scout
  • Live web ecommerce application updates using Laravel broadcasting
  • Make your Laravel store SEO friendly
  • Payment gateway solutions using Laravel Cashier
  • Laravel support and maintenance

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