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A headless eCommerce site is a platform where the frontend (head) of the site is separate from the backend (body). The frontend can be built using a JavaScript framework (React, Angular, Vue) and the backend (WooCommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce) can be accessed through its API to fetch data and display it on the frontend. This setup allows for greater flexibility and customization for the frontend, while still utilizing the powerful e-commerce functionalities of the backend.


Traditional WooCommerce site is a platform where the frontend and backend of an e-commerce website are tightly integrated, using the same platform (WordPress and WooCommerce). In this platform, the frontend is built using WordPress themes and templates, and all e-commerce functionalities are provided by WooCommerce with lots of integrated features using themes and plugins on a single click. Due to its architecture it starts creating performance issues when lots of products, additional features being added. On the other hand, headless WooCommerce is a platform where the frontend is completely separate from the backend (WooCommerce). The frontend is built using a JavaScript framework, such as React or Vue, and the backend is accessed through its API to fetch data and display it on the frontend. Headless solves performance issues and provides better customization scope as we want to implement. The main difference between these two setups is the level of separation between the frontend and backend. In traditional WooCommerce, the frontend and backend are tightly integrated and use the same platform, whereas in headless WooCommerce, they are completely separate and use different technologies. With headless woocommerce, we can use the same backend (WooCommerce) API for the web (multiple domain) as well as mobile application also. This major impact on headless is performance, scalability, flexibility, and compatibility. .

Benefits of Using Headless WordPress as a E-commerce

  • Improved performance: As the frontend is separated from the backend, it can be optimized independently, resulting in faster loading times and a better user experience.
  • Better flexibility: With a headless setup, developers have greater freedom to choose the frontend technologies they want to use and can easily make changes to the design and functionality of the frontend without affecting the backend.
  • Better scalability: As the frontend and backend are separate, it's easier to scale each component independently to accommodate growing traffic or business needs.
  • Improved security: As the frontend is not directly connected to the backend, it reduces the attack surface and makes it harder for hackers to compromise sensitive data.
  • Custom APIs / Features: We can create, modify custom apis using woocommerce functionality as per our need to provide better customization.

We provide
WordPress Development Solutions
around the following fronts:

  • 01

    Installation, integration and customization of themes

  • 02

    Custom plug-in development

  • 03

    Third party API integration

  • 04

    Adding e-commerce to a WordPress site

  • 05

    WordPress maintenance and support

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