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The Laravel community page expressed Laravel as "The PHP Framework for Web Artisans." Laravel is one of the most popular and clean PHP frameworks with a small footprint. Web applications can be created with optimum ease using PHP Laravel framework. As PHP enthusiasts, NetFillipians are early adopters of the Laravel framework for web application development. With Laravel, we can equip you with an innovative, reliable web application to complement your business ideas. Our exemplary track record comprises of Laravel development services to comprehend the technical and business dimensions of web applications, putting our dedicated resources to optimal use.

Our Laravel Development Services

Custom Laravel Web Application Development

Get exactly what you want

We get Laravel

And we get you. NetFillip’s forte lies in translating business needs into effective online Laravel web applications. We spend time focusing on who you are, what is important to you, how you think, and how your business works. Our talented team of Laravel developers specialize in creating beautiful custom Laravel solutions. To build a Laravel web application, your omnichannel presence must be tactically aligned with your marketing strategy and brand experience. Our work encompasses both the front end — attractive visual interface design, smooth and seamless user experience, and intuitive information architecture — as well as the back end – of your Laravel web application. We sweat the small stuff. Because it matters. And because we care.

Laravel E-Commerce Development

Enhance the shopping experience

Maximize Your Store's Performance

Laravel offers a variety of extensions that enhance your site functionality making it more shopper-friendly. Our team understands Laravel inside out. We can build Laravel based ecommerce applications from scratch and help speed up your online store, add functionality, write custom plugins, and improve your ability to sell online. We build stores that are equipped to handle large bursts of traffic and complex sales processes.

Beyond the core needs of your store, NetFillip helps you to manage inventory, employ successful merchandising practices, apply business intelligence, and leverage personalized customer data for more targeted marketing and sales. We also include search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve findability and target high-value searches. From your payment gateway integration needs, to the user experience of the shopping cart, we make sure your site makes a great first impression on potential buyers.

Laravel is a masterly PHP framework with a practical structure and easy-to-use interface. But it really starts to sing when you take benefit of the myriad of options available for customization. If product customization is possible in a physical store, it should be possible online. Custom-created or personalized products can surge sales dramatically, and with their presence the stakes get higher. You want the customer to have an enjoyable and easy customization process, avoid broken links, slow pages, and abandoned carts. When you give the power to the customer to build their own products, there comes a need for product pages that go above and beyond the typical image gallery and add to cart button. Whether you’re already selling products with optional personalization or are considering adding some custom creations for your store, NetFillip can add all the personalization features to your Laravel store.

Laravel API Integration

More connected means more efficient

Expanding the possibilities

NetFillip Laravel developers can create a smooth pathway between your Laravel web application and various third party APIs. Whether you are looking for a way to integrate your database for mobile applications with Laravel or you want to take advantage of email marketing, our developers have a quick solution to get you the results you want. Our experienced developers perform custom integrations to insert or extract data from the Laravel platform and use it to interact with third party services that boost the operational possibilities of your web application. There are endless options out there to make visiting or operating your custom Laravel web application a breeze.

Laravel Optimization

Get your Laravel web application’s performance up to snuff

Experience quicker load times

The time it takes your web application to load impacts how successful it will be. With the attention span of goldfish these days, the web application visitors are quite likely to turn away in droves. Our experienced Laravel developers can analyze the issues of your application and instrument fixes to get you racing along in no time. Long load times reflect badly on the quality and credibility of your business; get them fixed now. Over a period of time, as your web application grows, it keeps adding data to the database. If you truly want a successful online presence, Laravel optimization is inescapable. Our team is ardent about Laravel optimization and we have a complete toolbox of solutions to boost performance of your Laravel site.

Laravel Support and Maintenance

Maintenance services for your Laravel web application

Offering convenience and value with our Laravel Support System

Laravel empowers you with full control of your online business. All that awesomeness translates into a large codebase that requires precise care when maintaining and updating the web application. We offer superior Laravel support and maintenance services for your application. We understand that sometimes you’re looking for someone who can take care of cinch maintenance tasks and other times you want the relief that comes with knowing a solution to your major problem is only a phone call or email away. Our Laravel team knows exactly how to address and solve all your concerns and requirements.

PHP Laravel framework advantages

Modularity : Laravel supports modular programming making it easy to implement features.

Feature-rich : Web application development using Laravel can be enhanced using the large number of inbuilt features like templates, service layers, injection containers, etc.

Auto-loading : Easy maintenance is the result of an auto-loading feature available in Laravel framework.

Unit testing : A wide range of tests can be made due to the presence of the unit-testing feature in Laravel.

Fast : Laravel is one of the fastest frameworks out there for any kind of PHP-based web development work.

Routing System : Laravel framework takes an incredibly easy-to-use approach to routing.

Efficient template engine : A clean syntax for views is provided by Laravel’s Blade templating engine.

BFF with Backbone : PHP Laravel 4 framework makes the process of building RESTful APIs as simple as humanly possible.

Mailing system : Laravel is built on top of the popular SwiftMailer package which makes it easy to send email through your application.

Bundled features : Presence of bundled features and modular packages in Laravel allows easy app extensions.

Fluent Query Rebuilding : Laravel supports Eloquent allowing constraint enforcement between databases multiple objects.

Security : Security is ensured in Laravel by blocking XSS (cross-site scripting) and SQL injection.

Why team up with NetFillip for Laravel Services?

We, at NetFillip aim at providing Laravel based custom web applications for a variety of businesses. Our experienced Laravel developers implement an extremely creative approach to your business needs ensuring you are equipped with high-tech yet cost-effective solutions. We build structurally strong Laravel applications that are easy to understand, use, revise and update. Our developers also control version updates of Laravel projects using GitHub. Our team puts in efforts to get desired outcomes using their hands-on expertise working with Laravel – showing the real crème de la crème of their offering and therefore driving desire.

Our Featured Work

Laravel E-Commerce Marketplace

The Marketplace is a b2b2c web application developed using Laravel. The web application automates and syncs all the business systems of the company including their admin interface, supplier interface, ecommerce website, accounting, payment gateway integration, inventory integration of multiple suppliers, updating supplier database at regular intervals, day-to-day customer ecommerce orders, order fulfilment communication, analytics, and more using modern PHP Laravel Framework in conjunction with multiple Amazon Web Services. The PHP Laravel web application is a digital asset worthy of the operational excellence of the Marketplace. The web application is a feature-rich web application with different interfaces for administrators, suppliers and visitors on the ecommerce website. The Laravel application is deployed on Amazon Web Server to accommodate large volumes of videos and images and auto-scale to match the traffic. The robust Laravel application provides a conversion funnel that allows efficient navigation for all the three groups of users – administrators, suppliers, and ecommerce website customers.

Laravel ECommerce Marketplace


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