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Mobile Application Development

APParently, we are good at this!

Whether you’re a start-up looking to create buzz for your new product, or a well-known brand looking for the best way to engage a new generation, a great mobile application should be considered a vital component of your overall plan. With the recent developments in mobile phones and tablets, there is no reason for you not to have a mobile application.

Our Mobile Application Development Process

  • Idea

    Even the most ground-breaking ideas need vigilant planning. Together with you we’ll jump into your industry, brainstorm and mind map your idea to develop a one of a kind app.

  • Prototype

    In order to lay a proper foundation, we create detailed prototypes and outline every function of the mobile application.

  • Design

    We implement the best and latest design trends to give your application an edge over others.

  • Development

    NetFillipians understand development is not just about coding. Our app developers use the best technology to build the architecture of the app, and only then code.

  • Testing

    Once the app is created we take time to specifically test it under different conditions and different devices to make sure that the application runs smooth and is bugless.

  • Launch

    We help you prepare for the mobile application launch and monitor you through the app store optimization and approval procedure.

  • Maintenance

    Once the mobile app is live, maintenance is essential to make sure your application continues to work immaculately. We offer maintenance services which will protect your app from any unexpected bugs and other complications in the long-term.

  • Updates

    After the launch we help you stay ahead of your competitors by constantly adding new features and optimizing your design to the new trends.

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