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Database Development

We build database solutions for any sized business customized to meet your specific needs

Organize your business data for intelligent decision-making

We help businesses organize and structure their data with custom developed database solutions using technologies such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL. Benefit your business with increased accessibility, higher efficiency, better robustness, improved security and automated backups.

Most Preferred Database ServerMYSQL

MySQL is a powerful open source database server based on a relational database management system (RDBMS) and can handle a large concurrent database connection. It is available in two editions – open source and an enterprise edition for commercial use.

MySQL is one of the most preferred database choices for web application uses. Some of the most popular websites like Google, Wiki, and Twitter etc. use MySQL. Other popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal also use MySQL for their back end. MySQL is also a key part of open source software stack LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

We provide MySQL implementation for both – standalone and clustered database be it active or passive configurations. Other than installing and configuring, NetFillipians also customise them according to the business requirements. We provide proficient services for fine tuning your database for better performance. We offer customised interfaces for your MySQL database management system. We also offer integration of CMS and CRM and link them with your database management system in addition to offering a number of application and analysis tools that will help you understand your data and their implications. We also have continuous support and troubleshooting services for all your needs.

Scalable and Robust Database ServerMicrosoft SQL

Microsoft SQL offers more scalable and robust database driven applications as well as other web services. It is highly preferable by developers or programmers when they need to store their application data in more categorical way as well as when they need higher data exchange in their applications.

Microsoft SQL Database Programming allows more accurate and sophisticated way to handle use data and allows very less data corruption in any applications. Main benefit of such applications or development is very less chances of actual data loss during interaction with user. Microsoft SQL also offers high level security, less manipulation of data and strict user authentication, which makes it most suitable choice for enterprise or business level applications development.

NetFillip is known often as eminent Microsoft SQL Development Company with a team of developers with vast experience and proven skills in Microsoft SQL based applications. They follow professional approach of theorizing, scheduling and implementing for each application to provide end-to-end user-centric Microsoft SQL Applications.

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