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Front End Development

Calling us obsessed with design would be an understatement

We believe a web application should be coded up the right way. That means Standards. Yes, standards change which is why we strive to delightful interface that goes skin deep. Every design decision we make improves the user experience to enhance the usability of the site.

We provide Front End Development around the following fronts:

Powerful HTML5 & CSS3

HTML5 is the perfect Markup Language for modern web application development. HTML5 gives you the ability to make compelling, beautiful web pages. It gives the flexibility to implement graphics, animation, and multimedia. HTML5, along with other front end technologies like CSS3 and JavaScript control the website aesthetics.

With our agile development methodology, we provide you HTML5 web and mobile solutions that meets your specific user, business, industry, and/or vertical needs. With right combination of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and remarkable set of APIs and technologies, you have your platform all set for advanced web applications.

Dynamic JavaScript

JavaScript provides interactivity for your web pages letting you create dynamic content. JavaScript can support code placed inside one web page which can deliver different types of features depending on the viewer's activities.


jQuery, a multi-browser or cross browser JavaScript library, is a lightweight, client side script that simplifies web-content development and ensures quick results. The jQuery designers and programmers at NetFillip develops the websites that give rich user experience and incredible interactivity.

Features of jQuery:
  • Supports Multiple Platforms
  • Supports Multiple Web Browsers
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Support
  • Easy & quick mobile apps development
  • Lightweight Framework
  • Consists control features and UI widgets


Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is an interconnected web development technologies and programming languages. We use a combination of Ajax and jQuery, we operate on the front-end without page load making the application:

Features of Ajax:
  • Better and simple to use
  • Highly reliable and scalable
  • Rich, interactive and intuitive website design and development
  • Easy & quick mobile apps development
  • Shorten the coding process leading to decreased loading time of the website or web application


NetFillipians take advantage of JavaScript framework by Google, AngularJS, to develop applications. The Model View Controller pattern helps build applications within reduced development time and makes testing a fairly easy process. We use AngularJS to make dynamic web-based and mobile applications that are feature-rich, flexible and custom to meet the growing demand of interactive designs. At NetFillip, we amplify your experience as our AngularJS developers tweak codes brilliantly to personalize your needs.

Features of AngularJS:
  • Localization
  • MVC design pattern
  • Reusable HTML components
  • REST friendly application framework
  • Complete unit and e2e testing environment
  • Model and DOM synchronization with two way data binding
  • Smart change detection
  • Directives help building custom widgets
  • Get assured quality output

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