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PhoneGap Application Development

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PhoneGap Services for Mobile Application Development

A great mobile application should be considered a critical component of your overall strategy, whether you're a start-up trying to build buzz about your new product, or a well-known company looking for the best way to engage a new generation. With the industry divided with iOS, Android and Windows dedicated users, choosing which segment to target and which one to leave can be very difficult. It can be a costly and time-consuming issue to create native apps for all of them. PhoneGap has now bridged this gap. PhoneGap is an open-source platform for development. The time for the application's production is decreased with the introduction of PhoneGap. With HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and more, PhoneGap allows the development of cross-platform mobile applications. You create a mobile application with PhoneGap that can be deployed across any leading gadget. This way your application gets a revelation to a broader audience, improving the life of your app across many folds.

The development of PhoneGap applications at NetFillip is designed to fulfill customers' specific needs. We deliver cost-effective solutions, with a fast turnaround time, with our team of highly qualified PhoneGap developers. We also speed up checking and exporting iPhone and Android phones with mobile apps. Since NetFillip has committed resources to develop viable PhoneGap applications, we guarantee monetary advantages in terms of developing robust and interactive results-providing applications. For small to enterprise-scale growth, our PhoneGap developers have gained the experience and expertise to build any scale of custom PhoneGap applications. Being a leading web development company, NetFillipians are talented and skilled web developers with flair in the latest web development technology including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc., to work on extended PhoneGap development projects. Through our good communication skills, we provide our clientele across the globe with efficient conversations and solutions. In this, we are fine. .

Our PhoneGap Application Development Process

  • ONE

    Creating detailed prototypes and outline every function of the PhoneGap mobile application

  • TWO

    Constructing a user experience that is touch and hardware optimized


    Creating integration points that connect your data to your PhoneGap application

  • FOUR

    Testing it under different conditions and devices to ensure the PhoneGap application runs immaculately

  • FIVE

    Reiterating on your PhoneGap mobile application offerings to add new features and functionalities

Our Technology Stack

  • Languages

  • Framework

  • Database

  • Ionic


  • Mobile Angular UI

    Mobile Angular UI

  • jQuery Mobile


PhoneGap Robust and Intuitive App with Smart Features











Why team up with NetFillip for PhoneGap Application Services?

PhoneGap application development at NetFillip is tailored to meet the unique needs of clients. With our team of highly skilled PhoneGap developers, we deliver cost-effective solutions, with quick turnaround time. We also expedite testing and exporting of mobile applications to iPhone and Android phone. Since NetFillip has dedicated resources for the creation of viable PhoneGap applications, we ensure monetary benefits in terms of building robust and interactive applications that deliver results. Our PhoneGap developers have attained experiences and expertise to create any scale of custom PhoneGap applications for small to enterprise scale development. Being a leading web development company, NetFillipians are talented and skilled web developers with flair in the latest web development technology including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc. to work on extended PhoneGap development projects. With our strong communication skills we offer effective conversations and solutions to our clienteles all around the globe. APParently, we are good at this!

Our Featured Work

NetFillip Virtual Try-On

NetFillip has developed an interactive android mobile app using PhoneGap based on the concepts of Augmented Reality. Virtual Try-On is a PhoneGap application built using Framework7 and Cordova. Virtual Try-On allows users to try different rings in the virtual domain using a phone camera. This PhoneGap application is a handy tool for online retailers to engage attention of shoppers who shy away from shopping rings online just because they don’t get the privilege of trying a ring. Virtual Try-On solves this problem by enabling customers to try rings on themselves using phone camera and at the same time delivering an impeccable shopping experience.

PhoneGap Application Development

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