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Laravel E-Commerce Marketplace

The Objective

The objective is to automate all the business systems of the company including their admin interface, inventory integration of multiple suppliers, ecommerce website, updating supplier feed using back ground services at regular intervals, day-to-day customer ecommerce orders, accounting, order fulfilment communication, payment gateway integration, and analytics with minimum human intervention. Our goal was to set out and meet each of these requirements without compromising performance, security, usability, and scalability.

The Web Application

Laravel Application Development
After in-depth deliberation about selecting one of the many PHP frameworks, we have chosen to build the ecommerce Marketplace using Laravel since it supports and aligns with the business objectives. It is always a challenge to tailor a site to fit in with company’s business processes, especially when there are so many moving parts but with great emphasis on the process of mining data and aggregating it for further comparison architecture, infrastructure and database design, we developed a feature-rich and commercially viable PHP Laravel ecommerce Marketplace based on:
  • High usability focusing on the ability of the Marketplace to flexibly match user groups.
  • High performance and load resistance so that a growing number of concurrent suppliers and users can comfortably work with a great variety of files and functionalities and navigate smoothly over the application interface.
  • High scalability so that the system can easily adapt to the functional extensions and developments in the future by deploying Laravel ecommerce Marketplace on AWS.
  • Synchronizing large volumes of videos and images using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) API with Laravel functions.
  • Auto-scaling to match the demand and traffic using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) web service.
  • Use of Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployments effectively processing large volume of stock processing for suppliers with enhanced availability and durability for Database (DB) Instances, making them a natural fit for analytical studies and business intelligence, enabling easy decision-making for the management and investors.
  • A striking balance between innovative design and purposeful utility.

There are three main user groups for this web application:

Consumers (front-end)

One of the critical aspects of the Laravel ecommerce application was that it has thousands of products to showcase. The products come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and various other attributes to choose from and in multiple combinations. To accommodate this, our developers have built a robust search and filter interface to offer visitors unparalleled variety. Through the Laravel ecommerce interface, not only can consumers view product components dynamically, but they are also provided helpful information like product specifications, images, and purchase guides to add to their online shopping experience. The users can create and login to their Marketplace account via Facebook and Google accounts. Laravel provides a simple, convenient way to authenticate with OAuth providers using Laravel Socialite.

Suppliers (back-end)

We developed advanced custom interface for the suppliers to make managing products and configurations easy using Laravel. The suppliers needed a simple, secure, and effective way to enter a lot of information quickly. We provided a registration form, which on submission is reviewed by the administrators. On approval, the unique login details are given to the supplier. Laravel makes implementing authentication very simple. Laravel Passport makes API authentication a breeze by providing a full OAuth2 server implementation for the Laravel Marketplace in a matter of minutes. After signing in, the supplier can view his profile, number of products listed, highest selling product, sale statistics, update shipping information, and many more. The inventory can be uploaded onto the site either via API or direct excel file.

Administrators (back-end)

The admin interface provides granular control for administrators over all the various components of the Laravel ecommerce Marketplace. The back-end workflows are built to be intuitive, so the administrator can do more work in less time. This authority extends to price markups based on various parameters, badge allocation to the suppliers, ecommerce product management, custom fields/attributes and order management, to name only a few. The dashboard shows the administrators reports based on: total number of products, demographics of visitors, top-selling products by category, etc.

The Result

We developed a Laravel ecommerce Marketplace application to deliver on all of the cross-departmental requirements. They now have long-term digital assets and customized Laravel ecommerce solution that will advance with them, and serve as their strongest advantage, to manage complex product data presentation and workflow requirements.
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