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Project Manager Lite

About the Manager Lite

Project Manager is a laravel application where teams, projects and tasks can be managed easily to achieve specific goals, quality and meet success in specified time.

A web application which maintains all the tasks, projects, teams, project scope, time, quality and budget. To get good revenue from a project, it is necessary to finish that project in particular time interval with good quality code and meets the client requirements also. Super Admin can create many users and assign them to different tasks and projects.Super admin can create many roles and assign users to roles and their responsibilities regarding any tasks.

why ?

For any organization to achieve goals management of projects is important aspects, it’s not easy to remember all the ideas, project requirements, challenges, modification in projects requirements and many issues. Sometimes notifications in particular time interval regarding task is also required to inform the teams/person, so that it can be done in time frame. Notifications can in form of mail, text message or browser push notifications to remind.One big challenge was to inform the users regarding real-time task creation and updation, so we have used aws sns (Simple notification service) and Simple Email Service to inform the user regarding tasks. Application can also manage worksheet of users on daily basis with their task operation.


New users can be created by super admin and assign them to different roles.

New Projects/Tasks can be created and assigned to different users.

Set the status, due date and priority to tasks such as high, normal and low to finish in time interval.

Super admin has all the permissions and manage all the operation

Attach multiple documents like doc, pdf, ppt and image.

Change task status like complete, pending and others.

User can comment/discuss on particular task

Send Notification to users using web browser, text message and mail also

Secure application using IP address blocking and allows only select IP address to access the application.

Manage users working hours on daily basis and tasks they have finished.

Technology & Framework

  • Application Framework:Laravel
  • Front End: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Slick JS
  • Database: MySQL
  • Language of Development: PHP 7.1
  • Content Delivery Network: BootstrapCDN

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