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Project Billing System

Project Billing System

Project Billing System aims to be a simple accounting solution for small businesses. It is designed to be a minimal billing system with no complexities and has, therefore, only a small subset of the functionality of existing larger solutions. If you are basically looking for a program that tracks your customer bills and generates reports for better decision-making, this solution is apt for you.

Project Billing System is built using Laravel. Laravel is one of the most popular and clean PHP frameworks. Laravel, with Artisan – the command-line interface that provides a number of helpful commands for developing the application, makes it perfectly suited for developing web applications of all types and sizes. This Laravel web application provides an easy environment to the user to keep track of all his projects. It details the company background, project objectives, scope, deliverables, technologies and frameworks to be used, developer roles, progress control and monitoring procedures, and more. On basis of all the data provided, the project billing Laravel web application gives you insights for better managerial decision making by generating reports based on various custom parameters.

Features of
Laravel based Project Billing System

Project Management

With our Laravel based Project Billing System you can view all your projects as a complete list and organize them by custom filters. You can add and maintain records of all your projects, customer details, project description, etc. effectively in a more efficient manner. Each project can be edited to modify project objectives, timelines, and more.


We have used Google Cloud Messaging service along with Laravel to send data from the server to the users’ device and also shoot an email when changes or updates in project records are done.

Reports and Analytics

With our Reports and Analytics you can accurately forecast demand of your services which can in turn help you target your audience in a more refined way. With the various graphs generated you gain better insights to the financial aspects of project management.

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