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Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries, Michigan

About the Company

The mission of Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries is to train kids as future leaders through horses. They believe a horse's size can be intimidating and can help people to forget about their troubles. They train to connect to a horse. When people visit the ranch their attention is on the horses and the cowboys (the ranch staff) and they have a teachable and open audience at almost every turn.


Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries’ website was dated and not responsive. The non-responsive website led to poor user experience. There was a need to restructure the whole website to give it a more contemporary, cleaner and structured look.

Our Solution

Use WordPress CMS to build the site since it is stable, sustainable, flexible, scalable and user-friendly

Build a responsive website to make it accessible across many devices and screen sizes

Design a modern, clean and organized website for easy navigation

Customization of WordPress that makes it easy to add content

Add an event calendar to list all the upcoming events

Integration of social media sharing to expand marketing reach and increase audience and engagement

Technology we used for
Crafting the Solution

  • Application Framework: WordPress 4.3
  • Front End: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript
  • Database: MySQL
  • Language of Development: PHP
  • Content Delivery Network: BootstrapCDN

The Benefit

Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries is now equipped with a fully responsive website that’s accessible across all browsers and devices. With the new website the visitors have the same experience regardless of the electronic device they use. There is a phenomenal increase in website and mobile traffic.

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