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NetFillip Site Revamp

About the Company

Since 2003 NetFillip is an established technology solution provider to business complexity through experienced IT experts. The company provides services in web development, mobile application development, legacy application migration, maintenance, support, quality testing and more.


The non-responsive website led to poor user experience. There was a lack of search engine optimized content for each page and no proper promotion strategies. There was a need to remodel and redesign the whole website to give it a more modern, cleaner and organized look and write content and metadata with SEO guidelines in mind.

Our Solution

Using a Content Management System – WordPress to combine the simplicity for users with under-the-hood complexity for developers

Developing a responsive website that gives the users the information accessibility across different devices and multiple screen sizes

Designing a website with a complete modern look and feel that provides a rich user experience

Devising a strategy in which each page focused on a unique keyword theme or category, making it more SEO friendly

Have content that would excite decision makers to spend more time on the site

Integration of social media sharing to expand marketing reach and increase audience and engagement

Technology we used for
Crafting the Solution

  • Application Framework: WordPress 4.1
  • Front End: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript
  • Database: MySQL
  • Language of Development: PHP
  • Content Delivery Network: BootstrapCDN

The Benefit

We are now equipped with a fully responsive website that’s accessible across all browsers, even dating back to IE8. With the new website the visitors have the same experience regardless of the electronic device they use. There is a phenomenal increase in website and mobile traffic.

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