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IIR Middle East

About the Company

Established in 1973, IIR is the world's largest Human Capital Company with a global network of 45 businesses and 116 operating units. Based in Dubai, every year, IIR ME works with hundreds of thousands of business executives Event management services. IIRME hosts hundreds of small and big events on various scales across various industry sectors providing them with knowledge and skills through training, conferences, seminars, e-learning, blended solutions, exhibitions, consulting and mentoring. With office in over 40 countries, the IIR has conference producing divisions in every continent employing over 1,500 associates working world-wide.


Managing several IIR events on a global enormity is a challenging task for the IIR staff. They needed a web based content management solution to develop the IIR brand identity on the internet. We needed to create a web based content management system for managing all IIR events. A platform for event online registration had to be built. Also, the migration of the legacy systems running on MS Access and ColdFusion to .Net and MS SQL databases had to be done.

Our Solution

Segregate the events into 2 types – Small and Large

Develop 2 customized content management systems that cater to events on each scale

Online registrations for the attendees

Centralized event management tool for large events

Single admin interface for smaller events

Maintain the corporate IIR website

Custom form builder

Migrate event websites from the legacy systems and databases

Technology we used for
Crafting the Solution

  • Framework: Three-tier structure
  • Front End: XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Database: SQL Server 2005
  • Language of Development: ASP.Net 3.0 with C# 2.0

Client's Benefit

IIR ME was benefited with a centralized content management system. This enabled them to take control of events of each scale. It simplified the online registration process. All their legacy systems were migrated from MS Access and ColdFusion to .Net and MS SQL.

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