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Using Lumen for lightweight micro services and APIs

NetFillipJan 10, 2019PHP, Web Development

Whenever a light weight application is required, using of full framework with lots of features is not a good idea. There might be many functions that is not required to your application which increase application size and execution speed. To overcome this we are here with Lumen, A PHP based micro-framework which is smaller,faster and…

Using Laravel for Web Application Development

NetFillipJan 07, 2018PHP, Web Development

The attention required and the complexity involved in developing advanced web applications and projects are quite high. Developers try to come up with various possibilities of using framework to create the web applications and PHP framework stands out among them all in terms of well-organized and secure development possibilities. Because of the exponential rise in…

Web Application Development Boost with PHP Frameworks

NetFillipJul 07, 2017Insights, PHP, Web Development

While analyzing the modern web application development needs, we realize the key to success is rapid development with well-organized, reusable and maintainable code, all the while ensuring scalability. To build complex websites and web applications above a certain complexity level it can take a considerable amount of time and hassle to start from scratch, hence…

CodeIgniter – A Compelling PHP Framework

NetFillipApr 05, 2017PHP, Web Development

When you need rapid web or mobile application development to serve your business goals, you can always count on CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter, an open source PHP framework, has become the one of the chief choices for web and mobile application development. This PHP-driven framework offers a wide range of plug-ins, libraries, modules, and other rich resources…

PHP Library vs. PHP Framework

NetFillipFeb 04, 2017Insights, PHP, Web Development

When developing a web application you often stumble upon situations that make you select between PHP library and PHP framework. In this article we will show you the pros and cons of PHP libraries and frameworks and explain in detail in which cases you should choose one over another. PHP Library A PHP library consists…