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Mobile Application Development Trends

NetFillipJul 05, 2016Mobile

You pick up your smartphone at an instant to carry out any tasks ranging from reading news, ordering food, shopping, booking tickets, hiring a cab or any other daily chores online. The smartphone plays a crucial role in simplifying our routine activities. The mobile technology is growing at the speed of light and the apps…

Building User-Engaging Mobile Apps

NetFillipApr 21, 2016Mobile

To make sure that app users become customers and are consistently engaged is by impressing them from the beginning, not allowing them forget about your service and by providing distinctive value through offers and content. All of these modules can help your business build long-term relationships between your app and its users. Ensure great performance…

Significance of Jewelry M-Commerce Application

NetFillipMar 01, 2016E-Commerce, Mobile

It all began with a customer visiting a jewelry brick and mortar store, succeeded by visiting jewelry store online and is now substituted by slipping the entire jewelry store into a pocket. M-commerce application is not a novelty anymore. It serves as a ‘bridge’ between your jewelry business and customers. Unlike a website, your entire…

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Commerce

NetFillipOct 07, 2015E-Commerce, Mobile, Web Development

Mobile shopping is breaking records. The number of mobile users has increased exponentially and so have the mobile shoppers. Users like to think of m-commerce as “a retail outlet in your pocket.” The factors responsible for the current increase in popularity of mobile commerce: Viewing habits: People are spending more time on their mobile phones…