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Building User-Engaging Mobile Apps

NetFillip Apr 21, 2016 Mobile

To make sure that app users become customers and are consistently engaged is by impressing them from the beginning, not allowing them forget about your service and by providing distinctive value through offers and content. All of these modules can help your business build long-term relationships between your app and its users.

Ensure great performance

Research suggests that if users find issues while working with your app, they might never return. The performance of your apps is a major factor in making or breaking your relation with the users. To guarantee conversion from browser to buyer, ensure the app performance by estimating its load time and making sure the experience is free of errors and exceptions.

Create a powerful first experience

A clear landing page that informs the users of app features is vital in creating a powerful first experience. The focus of the app should be on simplicity and intuitive design. Users are more likely to opt for notifications when they are well-informed about what value the app delivers.

Create smart and tactical push notifications

Push notifications is a good tactic to engross users and keep them active. You can build push notification in your app to inform users about offers, events, discounts, updates, scores, new features and more to attract them to use the app. However, you want to be careful with it since sending too many or useless notifications may annoy the users.

Integrate community by making share easier

Allowing users to share, can gain a lot of grip if your users share the app or in-app activities on their social media. It is more essential today, than ever to make your app “share friendly”. Enabling social sharing content in fitness, lifestyle, and ride share apps can gain a lot of word of mouth popularity. When social sharing is easy, it becomes a fundamental part of users and makes the app more exciting and engaging.

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