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The NetFillip Approach to Natty Web Builds

NetFillipMar 03, 2018Insights, Web Development, Work

As PHP Laravel enthusiasts, it has been one of our striving endeavours to deliver exceedingly reliable and innovative web applications, which succour businesses to meet their challenges and discover the best of the human productivity and technical excellence. Given the breadth of technology capabilities, adoption of the industry’s highest standards and processes and expertise in…

Web Application Development Boost with PHP Frameworks

NetFillipJul 07, 2017Insights, PHP, Web Development

While analyzing the modern web application development needs, we realize the key to success is rapid development with well-organized, reusable and maintainable code, all the while ensuring scalability. To build complex websites and web applications above a certain complexity level it can take a considerable amount of time and hassle to start from scratch, hence…

Choosing a Technology Stack for your Web Application

NetFillipMay 24, 2017Insights, Web Development

A technology stack is a combination of software products and programming languages that form a logically complete platform to develop a web application. Applications have two software components: client-side and server-side, also known as front end and back end. Choosing the right technology stack for your web or mobile application development is half art and…

Biomimicry and Computer Science

NetFillipMar 13, 2017Insights, Rants

Biomimicry is the art and science of studying the practices of nature and then imitate these processes to solve complex human problems. The central idea is that nature, a consummate engineer, has already unravelled many of the problems we are struggling with. The plants, animals and microbes have found what works, what is apposite, and…

PHP Library vs. PHP Framework

NetFillipFeb 04, 2017Insights, PHP, Web Development

When developing a web application you often stumble upon situations that make you select between PHP library and PHP framework. In this article we will show you the pros and cons of PHP libraries and frameworks and explain in detail in which cases you should choose one over another. PHP Library A PHP library consists…