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Archive for Sep, 2015

Using the Agile Methodology for the IoT

NetFillipSep 30, 2015Work

The Internet of Things (IoT) has gone from a technical buzzword to a fast everyday reality. The myriad of connected products is increasing with the advent of smart devices and wearable technology. The depth and richness of the connections that are currently possible has modified the market, and also the development method in powerful ways.…

Wearable Technology: The Upcoming Revolution in Healthcare

NetFillipSep 26, 2015Insights, Rants, Wearables

While the smartphone remains the device of choice, the tech world is progressing by creating a future for wearables promising to entertain consumers, save them money and help them live healthier lives. Wearable technology comprises sensors and other electronic technologies on items like watches, glasses and clothing worn on the body. The interest of technology…

Facebook brings 360 Degree Video to News Feed

NetFillipSep 24, 2015Insights, Social

Facebook Inc said 360 degree videos will now be supported by Web and Android platform. It will introduce the same for iOS platform in the coming months. Facebook web users can experience a 360 degree view by dragging a cursor and the mobile users can experience the same by tilting their device in any direction.…

How Music affects your Productivity

NetFillipSep 21, 2015Play

Music is considered one of the triumphs on human creativity. But does music itself help one to create? This is an essential question to examine, since music has increasingly become a part of the modern-day work hours. Though it may be a fine way to refresh oneself, the question remains: does music actually make you…