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Using the Agile Methodology for the IoT

NetFillip Sep 30, 2015 Work

The Internet of Things (IoT) has gone from a technical buzzword to a fast everyday reality. The myriad of connected products is increasing with the advent of smart devices and wearable technology. The depth and richness of the connections that are currently possible has modified the market, and also the development method in powerful ways. You can handle the demands of connected devices, thanks to agile methodologies.

The revolution of Internet of Things

There are major shifts in the way hardware and software for connected devices due to the effects of the IoT. The Internet of Things is expanding outwardly. “Everything that can be connected, will be connected” is going to be the new rule. Say, for instance, your alarm clock wakes you up at a specified time and orders your coffee maker to start brewing you some coffee. Or if you’re on your way to a meeting, your car can have access the best route via a GPS system and if the traffic is heavy, the car can send a text message to the concerned party saying you will be late. Or if the wearable device you utilize can tell you when you are the most active and productive and share that information with alternative devices you use while working. Devices are getting connected every day, every hour, every minute leading to revolutionizing the Internet of Things.

Agile methodology is the key to IoT success

The demands of connected devices are met through the implementation of agile methodology and continuous delivery. The constant need of updates is fulfilled with agile. This satisfies the end user’s need to constantly access a fully updated device, the developer’s need for a manageable development process and the business requirements to cater to the quickly progressing market.

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