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Mobile Application Development Trends

NetFillip Jul 05, 2016 Mobile

You pick up your smartphone at an instant to carry out any tasks ranging from reading news, ordering food, shopping, booking tickets, hiring a cab or any other daily chores online. The smartphone plays a crucial role in simplifying our routine activities. The mobile technology is growing at the speed of light and the apps have become an integral part of the digital ecosystem and are progressing to make ubiquitous presence. Hence, it is vital to stay up-to-date with the latest trends of mobile app development.

Faster Mobile Development

With the increasing and progressive demand for mobile apps, businesses are pacing up the development life-cycles to launch their products and services. Reducing the gap time between ideation and launch is the main objective for mobile app developers. Tools and frameworks for mobile development are introduced merely with the idea of rapid launches and quick reach to the market while delivering consistent value to the customers.

Driven With Cloud Technology

Growing cloud technology tends to make app developers more focused towards the ability of integrating and synchronizing apps developed for multiple devices. The cloud-based app development platforms provide the developers a complete tool chain for building an app, continuous integration, testing and submitting apps to the app stores.

Security in Apps

Security is one of the top concerns of app users with regard to hacking. Security is a big challenge in mobile apps since hackers can exploit security gaps in mobile apps and obtain sensitive and confidential information. Developers have now taken the security issues like insecure data storage, unintended data leakage, broken cryptography, etc. seriously and are developing apps that are difficult to be hacked.

Mobile Banking, Payments and M-Commerce

Consumers are adapting m-commerce solutions. This trend will positively continue since more and more consumers now find m-commerce extremely convenient. Transferring money, making payments or purchasing goods using a mobile phone is now as common as using cash or cards. This encourages app developers to build apps that can process such transactions.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is also expanding outwardly and gaining immense popularity. There are significant shifts in the way hardware and software for connected devices due to the effects of the Internet of Things. “Everything that can be connected, will be connected” is going to be the new rule and lead to new innovations and implementations to can open a ubiquitous world of connectivity and sources of information. App Developers are now embracing these opportunities to develop flexible mobile experience that cater to the principles of IoT.

Prioritizing User Experience through App Analytics and Big Data

App user experience is more critical than ever. Big data and data analytics play an important role to bring improvements to the user experience. Real time data provides an insight to the customer’s behavior and decision-making process. In fact, the relationship between big data and app analytics results in efficient business processes on the one hand and improvements in user experience on the other hand.

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