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Archive for Mar, 2016

Shopping Cart Migration to WooCommerce

NetFillipMar 15, 2016E-Commerce, WordPress

If your existing shopping cart does not impart you full control of your online business or if you want to expand your e-business, shopping cart migration is the way to go. Moving e-commerce platforms can be time-consuming, fraught with errors and detrimental to sales. WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin, is one of the leading solutions on…

Significance of Jewelry M-Commerce Application

NetFillipMar 01, 2016E-Commerce, Mobile

It all began with a customer visiting a jewelry brick and mortar store, succeeded by visiting jewelry store online and is now substituted by slipping the entire jewelry store into a pocket. M-commerce application is not a novelty anymore. It serves as a ‘bridge’ between your jewelry business and customers. Unlike a website, your entire…