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Talking SMAC

NetFillip Dec 03, 2015 Insights, Rants, Work

SMAC is a new jargon marked in bold in the fast-paced world. SMAC is an acronym for social, mobility, analytics and cloud. SMAC is not just the latest buzzword but is also rapidly becoming a business reality. SMAC is a concept that helps businesses gain new insights about their customers’ preferences and behavior. It consists of four ingredients:

Social networking

Social networking includes information harnessed from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to uncover what the customers talk about, what they are interested in, what they look forward to and what are their basic demographics. Social networking has enabled businesses to sift through social data and find emerging trends and patterns. Social networks help monetize content either directly through ads or indirectly by convincing people to use their APIs.

Mobile devices

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the interaction between people and digital content. In the financial services industry, mobile banking has grown as one of the most ground-breaking products. Shoppers are increasingly using their mobile devices to browse, compare and buy products. This, in fact, has been so prolific that it has led to the emergence of new branch called m-commerce. Using mobile devices as efficient channel governments are reaching out to their citizens. Businesses today have jumped on the bandwagon to make their applications mobile-ready.

Analytics programs

Companies are generating large amounts of information. Databases have grown larger and so has the capacity of processors. Businesses have realized analytics can do more than just track clicks. Data, if properly analyzed and used, can emerge as an unbeatable advantage. Analytics can help make intelligent predictions by establishing links between entities. Businesses are using analytics to devise their strategies. Analytics can help businesses analyse customer behavior, retailers predict buying decisions of shoppers, and banks weed out fraudulent transactions.

Cloud computing

Cloud is one of the most effective ways to store and share data. Cloud computing has undeniable power to improve productivity and foster innovations. This fact is now being accepted by businesses. It is gaining popularity since it can spin up large amounts of data while maintaining speed and transparency. Due to security concerns, financial services and government sectors are mostly adopting private cloud model and other industries like retail and healthcare are moving to public clouds. Cloud services let you scale up and down your capacity and compute power as needed. Using cloud computing can benefit even the heaviest workloads by running on someone else’s millions of servers.

The Last Word on SMAC

SMAC is growing stronger and smarter with each passing day. Diversity is what distinguishes SMAC from its past generations of technology architectures. SMAC is a collaboration of multiple technologies. Each of the four technologies further has layers in them. The convergence of these four pillars of technology will help businesses render a multitude of options. With the adaptation and exploitation of SMAC it is axiomatic that it will enable businesses to take a leap towards advancement.

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